Seasons Change

When I think of life, I think of seasons. Spring is the beginning of life when you’re just trying to figure out who are you. Who you are as a follower Christ, a spouse, an employee, whatever it maybe you’re new at. You’re learning as you go.

Summer is in the middle. You’ve been a Christian for awhile, married for a few years, possibly have children. The business of life is frantic than it was before. You feel like you may have finally gotten it all figured out.

Then fall comes, you’ve hit some hard times and had some heart breaks but you’ve managed. You’ve maybe started to become too comfortable in your walk with God. Burned out at your job. Burned out in your ministry. Not on fire like you once were for God. Stagnant. Complacent. On auto pilot on your life. Or you are still grieving from a hardship that this season may have brought to you, but you’re standing strong in your faith.

Then comes Winter. The hard season. When life throws you curve balls. Maybe you’ve had a health scare. Your heart has been ripped from your chest. You don’t understand why the things have happened. Why does it seem like a blizzard has come and wiped everything away? How can I survive this season? You question everything you’ve ever thought you knew.

Which season are you in today? No matter what season you might find yourself in, remember one thing, it is well! Sometimes we have to face harsh winters so we will be prepared for what lies ahead in the spring. It’s to cultivate us. To nurture us. To help us grow and shape us into His perfect will for our lives. I can tell you from experience that my winter has been ongoing. I’ve faced many hardships these past few years. But, I can see spring on the horizon. There’s a renewing of my heart filled with joy and hope. The plan that God has had for me is starting to intertwine and connect together. It’s all making sense. It is well in my soul. Friend, embrace the season you are in. The good. The bad and even the ugly. It has a purpose. Seasons change and they come and go. Your winter won’t last forever. Stand strong. Keep the faith. I promise you one day it will all make sense! Xoxo

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

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