I Still Believe.

I may have accepted the fact that I’ll never experience pregnancy or giving birth or breast feeding or all that comes along with conceiving a child; however, it doesn’t mean that the pain this disease causes has left. I may not be trying to conceive…but I still desire to be a mom. I still desire to be a “permanent” mommy without fear of having to say goodbye.

Friends, I still understand your pain. I still get emotional when my body reminds me that there is no life in my womb. I still get emotional when I go down the baby aisle and see all the things I’ll never buy. I still feel an “ache” when I see a pregnant belly or hold an infant in my arms. I still am in that boat rolling in the storm with you, wondering if the storm will ever end. Hoping that my happily after is soon. Praying that my prayer will be answered soon!

Even though I still long for all the things above, I still believe God is with me. I still believe God has a plan for my life. I still trust in Him to take care of me no matter what. I still believe in the promise that He spoke to me many years ago. I still believe I will be a “permanent Mom”. I still believe my time is coming sooner rather than later. I still believe that even if I remained childless that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants eternal life for me. I. Still. Believe. He. Is. Good. All. The. Time. Do you still believe? Hold on friend. Don’t give up yet. I still believe your time is up ahead too! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “I Still Believe.

  1. My first husband and I were unable to have children. We cared for two nieces for quite a while. Then, after a long process and much prayer, the Lord blessed us with a 4 & 5 year old brother and sister. They were exactly the right children for us to be a family with. Unfortunately, after 28 years together, we divorced. I was blessed to be able to meet a super man after that and we have now been married 16 years. During the majority of our time together, we have raised his two granddaughters and plan to adopt them very soon! You just never know how the Lord is going to work!

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