Your Story Isn’t Over.

There is a lot of misconception in the infertility world. This is something I’ve struggled with writing for awhile, but I feel like it needs to be said. As many of you know that have followed me on this journey, I am a huge advocate for those who have faced this disease. Yes, I said disease because that’s what it is. That being said, many think that once you either cope with the disease and/or or “heal” from it that it goes away. Oh how I wish it was that easy. Just because a couple adopted, or got pregnant with or without medical intervention doesn’t mean the “disease” is gone. The pain is still there. The pieces of the broken heart over and over again have left scars. The pain never goes away, however, you can heal from it. You can learn from it. You can grow from it.

So friends, I’ve said all this to let you know that it’s ok to still feel the pain from infertility, even after the fact. It doesn’t make you a bad person or parent. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings. I want those that have been affected and haven’t been affected to know that healing takes time. It is what you do while you’re trying to heal that is the most important. Take all the pain. All the feelings. All the mess and turn into a beautiful story of Gods faithfulness. God uses our messes to make us stronger. He uses our pain for us to help others who maybe in the thick of it. It doesn’t matter if you have just found out your diagnosis or if it’s been years ago…your story matters. Share your light that came from a dark time. God wants this to be your testimony. Share it with your children sometime, so that it can be apart of their beautiful story too. You can never be too broken for God to use you. On the flip side, just because you have gotten your happy story doesn’t mean you don’t have times where the pain will creep in. Infertility never goes away, but the story will keep growing and changing. Allow your story to be used for Gods glory! Share your pain, your mess, your joy, share all the pieces to your beautiful puzzle that is being crafted. God loves you. God is always with you. He wants to take your ashes and make something beautiful from it. Be blessed today! Xoxo

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