Bitterness Creeps In.

I don’t like bitter tasting things. They are not enjoyable to me at all, Like coffee for instance, It took me a long time to like it. I have to add sugar to it for me to enjoy it. Usually, bitterness doesn’t just happen. It’s a bit of a process. It’s slow, sneaky, and it can be vicious if not checked. It often stems from some form of hurt, offense, injustice, or disagreement or disappointment. If not checked in the beginning, it will consume your heart. It will become overwhelming, it will make you miserable. It will continue to diminish the light and joy of God in your heart.

Sweet friend, I know every time you see a child that bitterness creeps back up. Every time there’s a pregnancy announcement it creeps in. Every time you fight with your spouse it creeps in. When finances are tight it creeps in. It creeps in when you say goodbye to a child that you thought would be yours forever. It creeps in unexpectedly during our hardest moments. The enemy will whisper those bitter words to your soul. He wants to take away all the “sweetness” of God in your heart. Don’t allow that hurt of childlessness, that friend that hurt you, that spouse that betrayed you, or whatever hurt happened to destroy you. Keep adding the sugar back. Start praying again, start fasting again, ask for the Lord to help you defeat the bitterness. When the bitterness is gone, your heart will be open to all the things the Lord has in store for you. Let the healing begin. Live life without bitterness, the way God intended. Be blessed not bitter. Xoxo

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Psalms 51:10 ESV

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