Even If….

Have you ever found yourself bargaining with God during your quiet time with HIm? We tell Him all these “promises” of things we will do for Him if He grants us the things we are asking. Somehow, we have lost perspective on who God really is. We think of Him more like a genie that grants us our wishes; instead of a God who knows what is best for us. We need to trust in the “even ifs” of life. What are you talking about? You ask. Let me explain.

Even if you dont get that promotion….God is good.

Even if that pregnancy test is negative for the millionth time…God is a comforter.

Even if you can’t seem to make enough to pay your bills….God is a provider.

Even if your marriage is in shambles…God is a healer.

Even if you feel like youre never going to be a mother…God is a waymaker.

Do you see the pattern here? No matter what your even ifs are, just remember God is God. He has already made a way for you to overcome every obstacle before it happens. This world and the enemy that roams in it wants nothing but to make you think God is absent; I can assure you that He is very much present. He is always with you. He is always for you. The bible reminds us in (Romans 8:31) “that if God is for us, who can be against us.” No one can ever do anything to you that He doesn’t allow. Take comfort today in knowing that even if you feel all alone, God is with you always! xoxo

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