Jesus Calls Us To Forgive.

We have all had people hurt us. Whether it was intentional or not doesn’t matter, the hurt was still there. We’ve also all done things where we were the ones who needed to be forgiven. Everyone has a past, some pasts are better than others. It doesn’t matter what they did, Jesus tells us that if we want His forgiveness we must forgive.

To be a true Christian means to let go of grudges and forgive. Holding onto grudges will only become your own downfall, it will allow bitterness to creep into your heart. Once bitterness is inside your heart it is extremely hard to get it out. Don’t risk your own forgiveness by harboring an unforgiving attitude towards others or yourself. Forgiveness is liberating and can free you from bitterness, shame, guilt, anger, and rage that you may be feeling.

No matter what you did, you must forgive yourself. You can’t keep allowing your past to dictate your future. That hurt that someone caused you, you must forgive them! Let go of all the mistakes you’ve made and all the hurts that you’ve endured. Embrace the freedom of forgiveness!

“For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you,”

Matthew 6:14 ESV

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