The Importance Of Prayer.

I have had low points in my walk with God, where I have felt like giving up on prayer. I would sit there and say to myself “why? You know what I am going to say, you know what my need is. I was frustrated and hurt. We have all been there, we can all relate.

However, I didn’t give up! I turned my prayer time from my place of refuge into my battleground. I didn’t hold back, every feeling of hurt, anger, frustration, brokenness I laid it all out. I fought my pain with prayer. Waiting for answered prayers will be the biggest battle we face. Don’t wast the time you have while you’re waiting.

Thank goodness we are not the first of God’s people to suffer through confusing times in our walks with God. Others before us have also had to find a way to pray through pain, and we have some of their prayers recorded in the Psalms. Psalms is always a great place to start if you have hit a wall in your prayer life. There are many times during my prayer time where all I can think to do is read Psalms out loud. I make David’s prayers my prayers.

So today, find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Let the psalmists speak your fears and give a voice to your hurts. Let prayer become a place of refuge for you once again. Let us never give up on prayer, even when God feels far away. His silence is never in vain, but it’s for a purpose; to make you stronger. If we run out of words, let us sit and keep company with God, knowing that even in the silence, He sees, He hears, and He cares. We just have to pray and listen!

“Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace.”

Psalms 86:6 ESV

Xoxo Sincerely, Angela

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