Don’t Be Afraid of Mother’s Day.

Today you will be emotional. You feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over your head pouring down rain on you for everyone to see. You feel like you will never be celebrated on this day. You will feel a flood of emotions over taking you all at once, with what may seem like no end in sight. You will feel like everyone is staring at you anticipating for you to break down at any moment. Most of all you feel paralyzed.

It is hard to be an infertile woman or foster mom on this day. As an infertile woman you feel like you have “failure barren woman” stamped on your forehead. Your womb aches extra hard on this day for life to grow inside of it. As a foster mom you feel like you can’t be celebrated, because the child that you’re holding in your arms might only be temporary. You feel like being a foster mom makes you ineligible to be celebrated as a mom. You think people will judge you if you are happy on this day. You worry that they’ll remind you that you are only pretending to be a mother.

Stop all of those lies that the enemy is whispering into your heart and mind today. God has called you to this life, whether you are infertile, a foster mom, adoptive mom or a biological mom, you are a MOM. As an infertile woman you love every child as your own. Your heart is full of so much love waiting to be released. You love your nieces, nephews and your friends children as your own. As a foster mom, you are selflessly giving your whole heart to children who need it most. You are being their mom even if only for a season. You are loving them, making them feel safe, and nurturing them, all qualities of a mother. As an adoptive mom, you have given a child a chance at a life filled with love. You opened yourself up to biological mom who did the most selfless act a mother could do; she gave her baby to you.

Motherhood comes in so many different ways, but that shouldn’t make anyone ever feel unworthy to be celebrated on this day. No matter how you became a mother you ARE still a mother. To the mom in waiting reading this, don’t be afraid. Your time will come and if you never birth a child you will be a mom to someone along the way that needs one.

I ask all of you reading this to do me a favor and….DON’T BE AFRAID OF MOTHER’S DAY. God has a plan. He is with you every step you take to your motherhood. Trust in Him. Trust in the process. As hard as it is to do, trust in the wait. Celebrate the mother’s around you today. One day you will be the one celebrated! Praise God for the many children that will call you mom and stop worrying about how they will come to you! So, I say again today don’t be afraid of Mother’s Day.

“He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭113:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Xoxo Sincerely, Angela

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