Looking Back

As I look back at these pictures from almost 10 years ago, I think wow we were so young! Little did we know the journey God would take us on. We had no idea, we couldn’t have even fathomed it. Through it all, there’s no one else I would’ve have gone on this ride of life with. God chose the perfect man to love, support, nurture and grow in God with me. As much as I wish we wouldn’t have had to deal with infertility, I am thankful for it.
We wouldn’t be the couple we are now. We have grown through this. We had to be vulnerable in ways most wouldn’t imagine. To completely surrender ourselves to God and each other. Infertility taught us to lean on each other, pray for each other, trust God together. This journey completely changed our lives: no it hasn’t always been easy, there’s been lots of tears (mostly me) crying myself to sleep, and heart ache along the way. There’s also been lots of love, joy and support. We learned to lean on each other because we were the only ones who truly understood how the other felt. 

So friends, see the joy in your situation. It maybe so dark right now, your heart is aching, but there’s blessings along the way. Someday when I hear that word “mom” coming from a little one, I will remember the journey. I will be a better wife and mother because I was chosen to endure this hard journey. My husband will be even more of an incredible father because of what we had to wait for. It will all be worth the wait!! Stay strong friends! Love your spouses! Trust in God’s plan.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.””
‭Matthew 19:6 CSB‬

Xoxo Sincerely, Angela

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